Family Energy Boost

Are you...

  • Spending too much money on takeout?
  • Frustrated by the lack of time it takes to create a meal?
  • Not sure what ingredients to use to create a healthy meal?
  • Can't stand the dinnertime rush?


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During the personalized 90-minute in-home session, you'll learn the simple 5-step process:

  1. Mindset Makeover – Identify what’s holding you back from creating a lifestyle you love, including a clear process for buying & preparing healthy foods. A few simple shifts can help you improve your family's overall health!
  2. Nutrition 101: Incorporating Nutrition without Sacrificing Taste – Learn the basics of nutrition so you can easily and quickly make healthier choices. Understand the Daily Recommended intake, how to effectively read an ingredients label, where sugar is hiding and how to choose healthy substitutes in place of what you're currently buying/eating.
  3. Achieving Exercise & Movement Success With a Busy Schedule – No health & wellness routine is complete without some form of movement in one’s life. Stacey teaches simple ways to get moving and how you can instantly change how you feel to improve your overall outlook.
  4. The Pantry & Fridge of Your Dreams – When you have fresh ingredients on hand, you can make healthy meals. In addition to healthy substitutes, learn how to incorporate simple nutrient-rich foods into your daily diet to gain more energy. We'll also organize your pantry & fridge for maximum functionality. 
  5. The Easiest Ways to Meal Plan, Shop & Prep – Learn how to create simple Meal Plans based on your busy schedule, where to shop to purchase the most nutritious ingredients, and how to save money on your food budget. Never be short on healthy ingredients to prepare a quick, simple and nutritious meal, especially if you are a busy family! Most importantly, you'll regain your energy and more quality time with family.

Feel more confident and empowered to eat healthier!

During the session, you're guided to set up your kitchen for maximum functionality through zoning the pantry and fridge for better organization, including how to easily stock these containers with healthier options and ingredients. We then create a custom healthy Meal Plan that will allow you to easily eat healthier while maximizing your time and budget. We also discuss healthy on-the-go options that include where to eat when you're not at home. 

You'll also learn how to:

  • Incorporate simple nutrient-rich foods into your daily diet
  • Gain more energy and avoid the 3 pm crash
  • Learn how and why eating healthy is NOT more expensive
  • Develop the skill of food prep and be prepared for the week! 

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Book an appointment with Stacey Crew Health Coaching using SetMore




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