6-Month Coaching Program

You already know that when you have support and accountability that you exceed even your own expectations! You want radical and permanent change in your life and are willing to make the commitment to yourself and your future.

Why 6 months?   For permanent change to happen, the proper amount of time to make those changes is necessary. The 6-month program is for those who want to experience radical changes in their life has dealt with on-going health & wellness setbacks. Together, we will bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be. We will decipher your body’s unique needs, create a specific blueprint for you to move forward, and set personal goals that will result in sustainable changes.

  • Two 50-minute office appointments each month for six months
  • One-hour home visit for Pantry Upgrade OR Grocery Store Tour
  • Email support between sessions
  • Monthly special events like a health food store tour and group discussions related to health & wellness
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