STACEY CREW is a Certified Health Coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.
She helps individuals achieve improved nutrition & balance by providing
a supportive environment to achieve goals and live a more fulfilling life.
Stacey is the bestselling author of The Organized Mom: Simplify Life for You & Baby
One Step at a Time. Her latest book, Mind Body Kitchen: Transform You & Your Kitchen for a Healthier Lifestyle will be available December 1, 2021 (pre-orders begin October 1, 2021).

Our mission is to teach people how to make simple healthy meals in an organized kitchen. We are always doing our best to live a healthier lifestyle, recommending ethically-sourced food and products to positively contribute to the environment - helping, not hurting the planet we call home.

Stacey Crew, C.H.C.

As a Certified Wellness Coach, Stacey helps individuals achieve their health & wellness goals through a 4-prong approach:

  1. Understanding the individual’s wellness needs.
  2. Educating on specific health & wellness topics.
  3. Empowering the individual to make informed decisions.
  4. Providing accountability & support throughout the process of transformation.

All of this is done in a supportive environment.

If you're unclear about your goals, Stacey can help you set goals through a formalized process. First, together you identify where you're frustrated and stuck.

Based on a series of questions and exercises, you uncover where you'd like to be.

Next, you work toward identifying where you'd like to be.

Your next step is to schedule a free 15-minute Discovery Call to see if we'd be a good match to work together.

Let's get started on moving you in the direction you deserve! 

Understand your wellness needs

and guide you to take action based on your level of willingness.

Educate on specific health & wellness topics

that surface during the session.

Empower you to make informed decisions

as you move forward with your goals.

Provide accountability

and positive, encouraging support.

Ready to find out more?

Schedule a complimentary Discovery Session

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