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We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them. — Albert Einstein

Getting what you want in life can sometimes be challenging, especially if you're in a place where life has become complicated, routine and full of obligations you're not sure are a priority any longer.

When we're tired and overwhelmed, finding the time to make changes is also hard.

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Service Options

The measure of intelligence is the ability to change. — Albert Einstein

Figuring out what changes to make when it comes to your health and wellness can be near impossible with the abundance of food choices, most of which are not actually healthy.

Many people tend to immediately think Health & Wellness Coaches help individuals with weight loss. Well, sort of, but that's not really the full picture. Anyone with a little effort or a fad diet can lose weight, but the question remains: will they keep the weight off?

Extra weight is typically a symptom of a bigger issue. People don't overeat because they love food. People overeat when they are not addressing real-life issues, such as dissatisfaction in a job or a relationship. Maybe they don't love where they live or their finances aren't in order.

Whatever the issue, seeing a clear path to change requires an objective perspective.

If you believe you can do anything, or if you believe you cannot, you're probably right. - Henry Ford

Making real change also involves support. Think of a time you achieved anything worthwhile. Did this happen on your own? Or did you have supportive people helping you? Change also involves self-awareness and someone to ask the questions that can help you more deeply explore YOU!

We all have a story about who we are. The question is: is that story true or have you just been telling yourself the story for so long that you now believe it to be true. There is a difference.

During our sessions, we get to the core of your existing story. Then we re-write it! We also make an adjustment to your daily diet and create a plan that makes you feel better physically.

How exciting is that? The baggage you've been carrying around, both literally and figuratively, will be left at the curb and you get to travel lighter and brighter!

Service Options

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During each session, we utilize these four elements as guidelines to ensure a productive session.

Understand your wellness needs

and guide you to take action based on your level of willingness.

Educate on specific health & wellness topics

that surface during the session.

Empower you to make informed decisions

as you move forward with your goals.

Provide accountability

and positive, encouraging support.

"A year from now, you'll wish you had started today." - Karen Lamb

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