You can download your FREE gift here: 3-Day Jumpstart.  You're also invited to join the Mind Body Kitchen Facebook Group.

To prepare for the Jumpstart, use the Preparation Guide. The key to any successful event is preparation, so I encourage you to incorporate as much as you can from the guide. Don’t be too concerned about the length of time to prepare - simply incorporating an “I’m ready” mindset will serve you well.

"If you are looking for a better way to organize, plan, shop for meals and to feel good look no further. Stacey crew's meal planning was not only helpful but tasty. As a working graduate student I have very long days and with Stacey's help I am able to stay fueled and feel good on a modest budget. Thank you, Stacey!" - Katherine, Graduate Student

Next, use the Meal Planner to choose which items you will eat over the three days. Then use the Shopping List and go to your favorite grocery store.

"When Stacey accepted me into her program, I was feeling a decrease in energy. I began the program with a little hesitation because I was already eating what I thought was healthy, but by the third day of following her routine, I had MORE energy but more important, I learned to eat even healthier!"
- Jeanne, owner of The Scrumptious CupCakery, Flanders, NJ

Finally, clean out your fridge before you bring home your healthy groceries. Take this opportunity to get rid of any leftovers, expired condiments, and foods you can’t remember how long they’ve been in the fridge.

Then you’re ready! The Recipe portion of the Guide will help you with the Sunday preparation. Plan to take a couple of hours to get yourself ready for the week. Make sure you have reusable containers on hand to store prepared food in the fridge.

If you have questions, please feel free to reach out to me using the handy, dandy contact form.

You're on your way to eliminating sugar & gaining more energy. You've got this! 

Have a happy & healthy day,


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