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Over the years, Stacey Crew has been featured on live television and radio as well as in publications and newspapers. She has also represented large brands on live television when she was promoting her book, The Organized Mom. The tours featured 3-5 minute segments in the studios of local ABC, NBC, and CBS affiliates throughout the United States, including Sacramento, California, Tampa, Florida, Cleveland, Ohio, Lansing, Michigan, Memphis, Tennessee, and more. During that same time, Stacey partnered with Fisher-Price on a Room to Bloom video series to help new moms get the baby's nursery and surroundings organized.
Here are some of the outlets where she's been featured.



Brand Representation


fisher price

Stacey Crew was the featured Organizing Expert for Fisher-Price's Room to Bloom Design Tool that featured a series of videos on organizing the kitchen, nursery, and common areas of the home for new baby.

Room to Bloom
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