Kitchen Organization So You Can Find What You Need When You Need It

Now, before you go on a shopping spree to buy cool containers and revamp your kitchen, make sure you purge what you no longer need so you buy the right number of containers. EVERY SINGLE organizing job I’ve ever worked on has produced extra containers. Why? Because the purge was not completed BEFORE the containing.

Use my proven GOPACK Method to easily determine what stays and what goes. Step 4 in of the GOPACK Method is “CONTAIN.” That’s when you get to decide what you’ll buy because by that point, you know what you’re keeping and where it will live.

My Favorite Containers for the Kitchen

These multi-purpose bins shown below from the Container Store have many uses, but I like them best for the kitchen, specifically under the sink. I use one for cleaning supplies and another for my dog’s supplies.

Stacey Crew Wellness Kitchen Organization Container Store Containers
Picture repost from Container Store

Two benefits of using these types of containers under the sink (or in any cabinet), is that it truly makes cleaning easy. When it’s time to clean, there’s NO rummaging around, knocking over bottles of cleaning supplies or having to pull every single item out of the cabinet, one by one. Simply pull out the container and wipe out the bottom of it.

And, when it’s time to clean out the container itself, take 5 minutes, empty the container, clean it out, dry, restock with the items, and slide it back under the sink. Easy peasy!!

I’ve also seen these containers used in a freezer to hold categorized items, such as frozen vegetables (second best to fresh!). Especially good for a top-loading freezer!

Ways to Use Containers

I grabbed this picture below from Ikea and hesitated whether I should crop it or not, but I feel like it’s so inspiring and there’s so much to talk about here!

First, the containers that I’m wild about are on the second shelf up from the bottom: the Variera. They come in two sizes: 9 1/2×6 3/4 ” for $2.79 each (what a bargain!) and 13 1/4×9 1/2″ for $4.50 each (also a bargain!).

These containers are great for sooooo many kitchen organizing solutions. I use the smaller version for the following:

  • Store my overflow of spices – You know how spices can wind up all over, knocked over, and hard to reach on upper shelves? Well, the Variera container makes it easy to contain and store things like spices on a higher shelf, so when you need them, you can simply grab the entire container and easily put it back.
  • Coffee & Tea – Get rid of the tea boxes and put tea packets in a container then store near the cups and the coffee pot.
  • Vitamins & Essential Oils – I keep these items, along with Benadryl, Advil, and other related items in the kitchen where they are easily accessible and, at the same time, out of the way, I use the small Ikea container to hold these things.
Stacey Crew Wellness Kitchen Organization Ikea Containers
Picture repost from Ikea USA

The larger version of the Variera Ikea container (as shown in the picture above) is great for storing smaller Tupperware and food containers. These are also handy in the pantry for snack items and other pantry items that you don’t want floating around the shelves, such as pastas, energy bars, even related canned items.

Pantry Organizing Tip: Adjust the pantry shelves to fit the height of an appropriate container so you’re not stacking containers, but instead utilizing the space most efficiently.

Also in the photo above, the white containers with the wooden lids above are great if you do not have adjustable shelves in your pantry. This way you can stack baskets on top of one another without them crushing what’s below. Be sure to add labels so you can easily identify what’s in each basket.

Life-changing Shelving System

Containers come in many shapes and sizes. Even kitchen cabinets are containers because they hold things. Refrigerators are containers. And shelving contains items too!

So I didn’t want to ignore the fabulous and functional shelving system that is holding all of the containers in the picture. This is my favorite type of shelving system. Not only can you easily move it, but it keeps items off the floor. It’s also affordable and extremely versatile.

If you do have space in the kitchen and don’t have a formal pantry, this shelving is a great option and has a modern, industrial look (so it may not fit every decor). Other uses for this shelving include the garage, an office, a closet (the smaller version makes a great shoe rack), or a playroom.

Contain Your Baking Items

Below you’ll see the smaller version of the white Ikea containers and also many other great options. And although I don’t eat Oreos (see below right) ha ha, I do love these clear jars with the wooden tops for baking items. For a list of healthy baking upgrades, click here.

Stacey Crew Wellness Kitchen Organization Ikea containers
Picture repost from Ikea USA

So what uses do you have for some of these containers to make storing items more efficient and easier? I’d love to hear your ideas and comments below.

Also, if you’ve found this blog useful, please consider sharing it with your friends & family by posting on social media. Thanks!

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