Tidying Up Your Home So You Can Reduce Stress & Live the Life You Deserve

Trends come and go, but one that has stuck is the move toward minimalism. The Minimalists, Joshua Becker, and countless others have embarked on a lifestyle that highlights less is more. Then there’s Marie Kondo who I would say also fits into that category because you can’t have an overabundance of things that ALL spark joy!

The Kon-Mari Method

To be clear and transparent, I haven’t read Marie’s books, but I binged her Netflix series almost as soon as it was released. I’m also a minimalist when it comes to my home and clothing. Long before Marie arrived on the scene, I experienced my own epiphany that had me removing anything from my home that, in Marie’s words, didn’t spark joy. I phrased it like this: I didn’t want to have anything in my home that didn’t make me feel good or wasn’t useful. Her marketing is obviously much better!

Marie Kondo hit the scene with her book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. It grabbed my attention when celebrities began Instagram storying their tidying up projects. Now with her Netflix show, Marie Kondo is a household name.

Personally, I have found that with less stuff in my life, my anxiety has been reduced and I have more time to focus on the things I love, including spending time with family & friends, reading, and cooking — all with little distraction.

Clutter is a Distraction

I’ve always believed that clutter is a distraction. When I started my organizing business in 2004, it was because I had already accumulated what I started to see as clutter and it was overwhelming. When I realized how good it felt to no longer look at things that didn’t spark joy, I was on a mission!!

As far as the KonMari Method, I think it works well for some people. But I don’t think it works for everyone. For example, hoarders. Hoarding is a disorder and treatment is challenging. I would guess the success rate of the KonMari Method with hoarders is pretty low.

Marie’s method likely works best for people who are READY to declutter and need guidance & support in redefining what’s important to them, gaining clarity on how many things they really need to function daily, then eliminating the rest so they operate at a higher level and their spaces are not packed with “useless” stuff.

The Motivating Factors are Key

When I think about Marie Kondo’s Netflix series, the episodes that highlight this are the Tidying with Toddlers and The Downsizers because these families clearly want to be more efficient with daily tasks so they can have more quality time with their families. That’s urgency!

These families also realize that something needs to change, but they don’t know where to begin. AND because they are so overwhelmed, they can’t think clearly enough to change their current situation, which is actually the best frame of mind to make ANY change because you’re willing to do almost anything to relieve the frustration.

I like the way the KonMari Method focuses on clothing first. That’s a big one! Especially when it filters down to laundry because the more clothes you have, the less frequently you need to do laundry, and then it just becomes a much bigger task. By reducing the amount of clothing and staying on top of the laundry, that’s one huge problem solved.

Overall, if you’re truly motivated to make change and you just don’t know where to begin, the KonMari Method can be the most expedient way to go. However, if you take longer to make decisions and need a more personalized method, you may want to hire a traditional Professional Organizer who can work with you in a way that best suits your personality and needs.

The GOPACK Method

And if your looking for a step-by-step Method to organize just about anything, try my GOPACK Method, which is the proven Method I developed in 2005. The acronym stands for:

  1. Group Objects
  2. Purge
  3. Assign
  4. Contain
  5. Keep it up

The GOPACK Method has some similarities to Marie’s method, except you can start anywhere. I would recommend starting with something small to get the hang of it. Get your FREE download here.

Whatever method you choose, just know that by reducing visual clutter, you can reduce your overall stress level and become more comfortable in your home (or office!).

Even if you don’t think visual clutter is a problem, try decluttering a small area and closely monitor how you feel before and after. I guarantee you’ll feel lighter and brighter. And sometimes that’s all the motivation you need to declutter other areas of your life!

P.S. You can also get my 7 Decluttering Strategies That Will Save Your Sanity in the Kitchen download. Go to the home page and scroll to the FREE Downloads section.

7 Decluttering Strategies to Save Your Sanity in the Kitchen

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