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Stacey Crew Wellness Mindset

Mindset Shift Is Everything

“Small mindset shifts equal BIG Results, over time.”  Around the time I started running, I also started cleaning up my thoughts through a mindset shift. The running helped, but I was becoming more and more conscious of what I had been telling myself–things that just weren’t true! I started to become friends with my anxiety. …

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Stacey Crew Wellness Healthy Options

Healthy Eating in a Tiny RV Kitchen

Let me introduce you to Donna Smallin Kuper. I’ve known Donna since 2004 when we met at a NAPO (National Association of Professional Organizer) Conference. I was in the process of writing my first book and wound up seated at the same table as Donna. Okay, so maybe I finagled this. It was so long …

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Why weight loss shouldn't be your goal

The word “diet” conjures up many thoughts. The main ones being how much weight do I “need” to lose, “could” lose, or “should” lose. And in spite of the $60 billion spent annually on diet and weight loss books, pre-packaged diet food and supplements, in the USA, 73% of men and 63% of women are still overweight. …

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From Anxiety to a Half Marathon

Looking back on my life, I’ve always suffered from anxiety from one degree to another. Without a doubt, there were times when it would flare up more than others and it took me years and decades to understand why. I could probably list one hundred reasons, but after many years of varying degrees, I am choosing …

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