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Practical Mindset Radio Show – Kelly Howard: Fit Is Freedom

Kelly Howard is the “Fitness Consistency Expert” with a touch of Adventure and the author of FIT: Active & Ageless […]

Practical Mindset Radio Show – Linda Mackenzie: Symbols of You

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Easy Ways to Improve Your Overall Health

Andrew Poletto, host of Top Fitness Strategies, had me on his podcast recently where we talked about mindset, nutrition, running, […]

My Most Treasured Possession

It was a pleasure spending time with LB Adams on her Snack-Sized Business Podcast. Here I got to share my […]

Practical Mindset Radio Show – LB Adams on Clear Communication Equals Thriving Relationships 

In this episode, we talk with LB Adams, Communications Expert and Author, about how clear communication is the driving force […]

Practical Mindset Radio with Heather Powers – Planning Your Legacy

In this episode, we’re joined by Heather Powers, “the creative organizer.” She’s a maker, teacher, organizing professional, writer-researcher, and design […]

Practical Mindset Radio Show – Susie Schaefer on Release What’s Holding You Back

In this episode of Practical Mindset, we welcome Susie Schaefer, who is known as The Book Angel for cause publishing. […]

Practical Mindset Radio Show with Sarah Parisi – Clear Clutter & Create Ease In Your Life

My guest today was Sarah Parisi, owner & founder of The Clutter Curator, an organizing & productivity company based in […]

Practical Mindset Radio Show with Guest, Chelsea Van Buskirk – Jan 16, 2023

In this episode, I ask Chelsea the all-important questions about caretaking for her parents, which began at a very young […]

Practical Mindset Radio Show with Guest, Carrie Severson – December 19, 2022

ARE YOU BURNED OUT? How would you know? This month I was joined by guest, Carrie Severson, author of Unapologetically Enough […]
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