Three Secrets to Healthier Eating

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Today, most of us are confused and overwhelmed by what we’re told is healthy. The market is flooded with diets and programs, most of them too complicated and detailed to understand and embrace permanently.

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Ultimately, this overload of information keeps most of us from doing anything productive when it comes to self-care. Life should be easy and simple! Here are three secrets to eating healthier: 

 1. Stop trying so hard — Have you ever watched someone attempt an athletic sport who wasn’t either trained or doesn’t have that natural ability. Or someone who robotically dances the waltz because they’re more concerned with getting it precisely right than enjoying the dance itself. Watching them feels awkward and uncomfortable. So “try,” but not to the point where it becomes hard and lacks any sort of enjoyment. If something feels hard, then it’s likely not the right choice for you, so choose something else.

 2. Make one change a week — Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither were good habits. Studies show that is takes 21 days to create a new habit. So why are we so hard on ourselves when we can’t get it right immediately?! Think about one small change you could make starting tomorrow. For example, if you’re a cola drinker, instead of drinking three Diet Cokes, substitute one for a glass of water. Or if you’ve been wanting to exercise but haven’t done so, go for a 20-minute walk. That’s progress! Focus only on that for a week, then add in another change you’d like to make.

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 3. Embrace your self-knowledge — You are the expert on YOU! But sometimes, due to the barrage of media exposure and companies telling us who we should be and what we should look like, this clutters and confuses our minds. You know what works and what doesn’t. And, deep down, you even know what you need to do, whether it’s go to bed an hour earlier or seek out support from an expert in their field.

Knowing yourself well is a blessing and a curse. I’d like to think mostly a blessing! The blessing is, you can come up with answers pretty quickly. The curse is that you are the one who needs to take the action to make it happen. Seek out support if necessary. It’s amazing how a guide-on-the-side can provide the motivation needed to achieve a goal!

Tweetable Deep down, you know the changes you need to make, but you may just need some support in getting there. @staceycrew

So think about the top three things you’d like to change as it relates to your health & well-being. Write them down. Doing so does make a big difference. Then add the details of the next steps. You can do this!

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Thank you and have a great day!


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