3 Self-care Strategies So You Stop Wasting Time and Commit to Yourself Like Never Before

Let’s face it, if we don’t make the time, prioritizing yourself will likely fall to the bottom of the list. Putting ourselves first is not a selfish practice, but a self-care practice. Self-care is defined as pretty much anything you do voluntarily that helps you maintain your physical, mental or emotional health, which will help you to better manage the day-to-day activities in your life.

Here’s how to get a jump on the new year and make it your most productive year:

Practice self-care daily

We do this for others, so why not schedule time on our calendar for fitness and lunch with a friend to re-energize ourselves or the coaching appointment we’ve been meaning to schedule. 😉  Use a calendar to track all of your commitments and see exactly what’s ahead for the coming week. Sync your Smart Phone and Google Calendar. Enter each family member’s commitments too, so you have a full picture of what everyone is up to. 

Tweetable Schedule appointments with yourself to re-energize and rejuvenate #self-care

On Sunday evening, review your calendar for the week and schedule time for anything that may have come up over the weekend. This will also help when you’re asked to do something last-minute. You can easily respond by saying, ” I already have another scheduled appointment, can I help you another day?” If it’s something you’d rather do, you always have that choice, but be sure to reschedule what was already on the calendar. 

Stop wasting time

If necessary, remove the Facebook app from your phone and turn off the TV. Disengage from what’s not relevant to your life currently. We’ve all fallen into the social media vortex where before you know it, you’ve accomplished nothing on your to do list. Use social media or tv watching as a reward AFTER your tasks are done.

Tweetable Avoid time-sucking activities such as randomly checking Facebook #selfcare

Avoid time-sucking activities, conversations with people you don’t really care about, searching for the best deal on earth (weigh the amount of time it takes you to find the deal—your time is worth something too!), and running un-planned errands that have you inefficiently driving all over town. Plan it out! Again, relentlessly checking off those to-dos can have provide you with a guilt-free lounging session, feeling truly satisfied because you accomplished what you set out to achieve.

Commit to YOU!

When we first start to develop a new habit, it’s easy to become distracted by taking a phone call from our chatty friend or saying “yes” to a commitment that we’re really not prepared to handle. When we take on too much and don’t practice self-care, we can become resentful and stressed. Running from commitment to commitment can be a way of avoiding the real issues. It’s important to align our commitments with our ultimate goals. And if you have trouble saying, “no,” try “let me think about it.” 

Reframe how you think about your commitment to exercise, for example. If you tell yourself “I have to exercise,” that’s a lot less positive than thinking: “I’m choosing to become healthier through putting myself first and exercising regularly.” If you still feel like the commitment is an obligation, then you may want to rethink the commitment entirely.

Tweetable The commitment you make to yourself will help boost your self-confidence. #selfcare

Overhaul Your Budget

If you’re feeling overwhelmed about laundry and cleaning the house, and your budget allows, hire help. Or give your budget an overhaul! Consider whether you really need the full-blown cable package (or cable at all!) or maybe Costco twice a month versus every week. Review your credit card statement to see if you’re being auto-billed for services you’re not even using. Cutting back on unnecessary expenses can help you re-direct the funds so you can re-energize while someone else cleans your home, for example. 

Use an online grocery shopping service to avoid impulse buys. This will also help you stay focused on healthy options, make it easier to meal plan, and stay within a budget. Challenge yourself to simplify this year! 

If you’re feeling a little stuck or unsure what to prioritize at all this year, start with this FREE New Year, New You exercise to help you identify the shifts you can make to be more intentional this year.

Remember that small shifts result in big changes over time. What small shift will you make this week? 

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Thanks and have a great day!


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