Get Out the Door Faster with an Organized Entryway

Does this scenario sound familiar? You’re headed out the door for a big meeting, to take the kids to school or maybe to simply meet some friends for fun. You’re all set to go. You check your hair in the mirror, grab your bag and jacket, and then…the question comes: “Where are my keys?”

You then proceed to put down what you’ve got in your hand, maybe take off your shoes if you have a no-shoe policy in the home, then ransack every pile on the kitchen counter. When they’re not in the kitchen, you head to the living room because maybe you left them on the coffee table. And when they’re not there, you check the bathroom because that was the first place you headed when you returned home earlier that day.

People spend too many precious hours searching for keys and other misplaced items. I don’t know about you, but I don’t have time for that! Creating an organized entryway can get you out the door faster with everything you need in hand.  

What You Need to Consider in Your Entryway

The best place for an entryway setup is near the doorway most often used to enter/exit the home. So if you come and go through the garage and you don’t have a formal mudroom, create an area where you can put the following:

Keys – Use a hook system or a bowl if you have a table or shelf. If you don’t like to have keys visible (for some people this is a thing!), consider a drawer or basket to keep keys corraled but out of sight.

Shoes – Keep things tidy with closed shoe storage. If you have an entryway closet, even better. Consider hanging shoe storage on the inside of the closet door to keep them off the floor.

Jackets – Hang jackets on hooks to avoid tossing them over a chair or bench.

Bags/Knapsacks – Create a hook system or cubbies to corral bags and book bags.

If you have a hall closet, use it. Hang jackets, use the top shelf for a couple of baskets to hold gloves/mittens/scarves or goggles/bathing suits/sunscreen for warm-weather months (rotate these items as the seasons change). If you have a larger closet, put shoes on the floor, side-by-side, not just tossed in a pile. Or, if that’s your tendency, use a “shoe basket.”

Regardless of whether you have a closet or not, avoid using this space for permanent storage. Use it only for items that come/go on a daily basis. 

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And if you have kids who have backpacks or bags, add hooks to the inside of the closet door at kid height so they can reach their belongings. Children learn quickly, so take the time to teach them to carry their own bags and where to hang them when they arrive home.

As an added bonus, consider hanging a mirror in this space so you can do a quick check before leaving home. And don’t forget to give yourself a smile!

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