5 Simple Steps to Making Healthy Food Choices

Food nourishes our body & soul! Unlike other tasks or activities that we can potentially eliminate or cut way back on, we have to eat! Making healthy food choices can be challenging, however.

With everyone overscheduled these days, it’s no wonder we struggle to make positive choices and the drive-thru can be a tempting way to refuel.

Not enough time? 

Typically our food choices depend upon the amount of time—or lack of time—we allow ourselves each day to eat. For example, a cluttered scheduled with back-to-back appointments can put us in a situation where we hit the drive-thru or pick up a sugary chocolate bar. The healthy alternative would be to instead plan in advance to make sure we have a healthy option on hand.

Healthy Food Choices

There are some simple solutions to managing your time so you can eat right even if you are busy.

1. Get educated—It’s important to know your body and which foods affect it positively and negatively. We’re all aware that too much sugar or too many carbs can keep us from getting to that ideal weight and staying there, but remember that these foods can also make us cranky and irritable. Keep a Food Journal to track what works and what doesn’t. 

2. Build buffer time into your schedule—Allow time for appointments that may run over the allotted time on your calendar. For example, a visit to the doctor or your hairdresser. Or if you’ve scheduled a meeting with a client who typically runs late, plan your next meeting at least 30 minutes after that meeting ends. Don’t forget to also add in travel time too! 

3. Meal plan—Before the workweek gets started, make time to plan your healthy food choices by reviewing your calendar for the week. Determine where you’ll be each day for Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner. Make a grocery shopping list and pick up the essentials needed to make those meals. Get your free Meal Planning form here.

4. Keep a Stash of healthy snacks! Put a few healthy snacks in the glove box of your car in case you’re running behind and need a pick me up. Then you’ll have something on hand and easily accessible that’s good for you. 

5. Scheduled meetings at mealtime—If you’ve scheduled a meeting at 11 am, consider rescheduling for noon and make it a lunch meeting. Then be sure to pick a restaurant that offers healthy options. 

Finally, consciously refuel your body versus allowing your blood sugar to drop and grabbing a quick pick-me-up. Eventually, you will create a habit of good eating that will stick! Remember, small steps equal BIG results, over time!

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