Mocktails: Healthy Drinks to Celebrate Self-care

Sometimes you want to celebrate but you don’t want the added sugars and calories associated with a cocktail. Or maybe you don’t drink alcohol, which is a-okay too.

So when I was invited to be on Christy Lingo’s Containers & Cocktails podcast, I was excited to put together a couple of mocktail recipes.

Christy is a professional organizer who creates efficient and workable spaces for her clients. When she invites guests on her podcast, she adds in a twist where every guest must share a cocktail recipe.

When she told me this, I was stopped in my tracks. Since I donโ€™t drink cocktails, I thought what should I do, but then I realized I could share a couple of mocktails that could easily be turned into cocktails.

On the podcast, after toasting our mocktails, we talked largely about self-care. From the start, Christy admitted that she invited me to talk about self-care because, like most busy moms these days, she needed some tips too.

So, along with the mocktails, I shared my tried and true recipe for self-care practices that I use over and over again and recommend to clients. Because, letโ€™s face it, in this busy life we all need a reminder of how to stop, reassess, and restart those practices that we know work and get us back on track. That realization combined with a cocktail or mocktail works wonders!

I’ll post and talk more about self-care in a separate post, but if you want to listen now, you can do here.

Here are the recipes that I hope youโ€™ll try, enjoy, and share with your friends!

Mint Breeze


4 oz. Pellegrino, 1/3 cup Cranberry Juice, Sprig of fresh mint

Use a fancy glass or a favorite tumbler to create a festive vibe!


Squeeze half a lime and pour over ice into your favorite glass. Add a sprig of fresh mint for decoration. To take the tart out of the cranberry, squeeze fresh orange ? into the glass and if you want it to be mintier, muddle the mint at the bottom of the glass first.

Essential Elixir 


1 bag of organic celery, 3 small apples (your choice!), 1/4 tsp ginger.

This combination will make approximately two 8 oz. juices.


Juice the celery and apples, pour 4 oz. into a wine glass over ice, and  sprinkle Ginger spice over the top.

Don’t forget a fancy glass!

Mocktails to Cocktails

To turn these mocktails into Cocktails, you can add vodka to either, bourbon to the Mint Breeze, or rum to the Essential Elixir.

Listen to the full episode here…

And to get more of Cristy’s great cocktails and organizing advice, click here.

Download the Mocktail recipes here.

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